24 October - 22 November

You can be an effective advocate of your particular point of view but remember not everyone is going to share that you need to be as open to others as you expect them to be with you. The conjunction of Mercury and the Sun in your Sun sign is powerful and gives you the opportunity to convey new ideas for greater financial benefit. Stop grappling with circumstances you can't control and focus on the things you can. You may take a less direct approach to romantic encounters or creative projects, as you tend to feel more self-conscious than usual in these areas.


23 November - 22 December

With Venus and Neptune in a square aspect in your Sun sign, you may be completely unrealistic about your love affairs during this cycle. What you’re seeing is not real and if you are basing your plans upon these flimsy emotional foundations you need to think again. It's also time for you to move forward if you're planning some changes on the home front. Avoid getting side-tracked by your differences with others and allow them the same freedom of choice that you expect for yourself. You have to re-route your disciplinary side today to have some fun.


23 December - 20 January

You may be pushing your luck a little too much today even if what you recommend to people around you makes sense to you. Be careful not to display too many of your talents in case others less capable become envious. There is potential danger of creating separate enemies now with Saturn and Venus in your 12th house. You need to size up people little more carefully before opening yours to them. On a more mundane level you could casually find yourself stumbling upon a great bargain or money saver at the local mall or supermarket.


21 January - 19 February

You are interested in taking your romance to the next level but your partner may not be able to move in line with your thoughts. With the Moon moving through your eighth house could be emotionally unfulfilled at the moment and using intimacy or even sexuality as a counterbalance. You might be surprised to find your lover or partner consenting to something you have been asking for some time. Is your love life giving you what you want or are you trying to change your own nature to conform to someone else's idea of who you are? Remember, you are you and be true to yourself.


20 February - 20 March

You can see connections and possibilities you may have overlooked before. Align yourself with the right people at present and don’t be afraid to step outside your usual comfort zone as Mars continues to transit your 11th house of social activities and new connections. Sometimes it's necessary to break the rules and waive the guidelines as this can bring you fresh new insights into what needs to be done. Memories, thoughts, and conversations about the past and personal, intimate discussions are featured strongly today.


21 March - 20 April

Beware of taking offense at actions or remarks that really are not intended to hurt you as it can cause unnecessary heartache. Your moods could be unpredictable today as Mars creates tension with Uranus in your Sun sign. People’s comments are nothing to react to and any innocent expression on their part shouldn’t be taken too seriously. You needn't spend big to enjoy yourself and make it a memorable occasion as you’ll find the simplest and most joyful things in life are free at present.


21 April - 21 May

Don't pretend if you don't know because your reputation may suffer as a result. You have a strong influence from Mars now in your zone of ethical and philosophical experience. As a result of this, you may be forceful in the way you present your opinions as well. Friendships are bound and you'll be in touch with many new people, some of whom you thought may not be your cup of tea but you'll be pleasantly surprised. A presentation you make, a suggestion or just some helpful advice could be seen as an impossible analogy.


22 May - 21 June

See what you can do to secure your valuables or your finances. You are only suffering because you failed to register some important information that was recently received. With Mars in your eighth house of shared resources, you’re bound to be at odds with someone over financial matters. This could even be your spouse or closest business partner. Today you feel incompetent and time is crawling at a snail's pace, it means that you either have to try something new or approach your work in a more productive manner.


22 June - 23 July

You are cleared to make a point now, especially if you’ve been biting your tongue and biding your time. The Moon is now cleared with the obstruction of the North node and will in the next couple of days move into a wonderful conjunction to Jupiter in your seventh house of partnership. You have to crawl before you walk and this is the same with your understanding of things. It's all about friendship this coming weekend and what you feel that means to you. There is an inclination to be wavering or indecisive in your obligations. Friends can be toxic just now and they will and outlive their use-by date.


24 July - 23 August

You are trying to see the bigger picture and sharing that with others but are they able to comprehend your vision that is the question? Jupiter’s transit of your third house is an excellent omen however does run into a snag now because of the abrasive energies of Mars and a hard aspect being formed by these two planets currently. By the same token you mustn't be inconsistent or indecisive at this time. You will out of your way to impress others with the influence you have or the wealth you have in your attempt to be important.


24 August - 23 September

Your communications and learning are activated today as your imagination is all fired up with the continuing transit of the Moon in your Sun sign. On top of that, the warm and friendly vibration of the Mars trine aspect to the Moon is conveying loads of confidence to you emotionally and mentally. On a romantic point, what happens when you like a person but another associate doesn't get on that well with them? You may be caught in crossfire of personality clashes which catch you off guard. Any sort of continuing yet subtle tension in relationships can be eased through tactile, physical and sensual manoeuvres today.


24 September - 23 October

Sudden opportunities financially present themselves due to the excellent trine aspect of Mercury and the Sun to Neptune. For those of you who’ve been quietly working away at a hobby, wanting to transform that into a real business opportunity, now maybe the time. As well, learning a foreign language or homemaking skill could be the basis for meeting some like-minded people and making new friends. There’s a real danger of saying too much particularly with respect to family members. Dissatisfaction with the barriers, rules, obligations, or restrictions in your relationship may be the cause.

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You can be an effective advocate of your particular point of view but remember not everyone is going to share that you need to be as open to...

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