24 July - 23 August

You may think a problem within your family circle is resolved, but this is only temporary and tensions may not subside for a while. Family members, including yourself could be feeling washed out or even physically unwell. If you missed out on winning a position, event or sporting stoush, you have a second bite at the cherry today. You'll come out the victor. You feel creative but blocked today. It’s best not to force the issue. Wait for a more conducive time when your creative juices are flowing. Your mind could be revolving around a particular issue—to your detriment. Get busy with something to distract you.


24 August - 23 September

Your friendships may be under increasing strain today or you may feel pressure from an authority figure. You need to bear this with a smile. Gambling is not advised as Pluto in hard aspect to the Moon indicates your intense passion for gaming or taking risks. Weigh up the pros and cons. Don't neglect yourself today. Give more attention to your own needs rather than bending over backwards for others. You are interested in old-world concepts and may even be invited to a fancy dress ball or something of that nature. A wholesale price is always great. Visit wholesale outlets and resellers for a bargain.


24 September - 23 October

Recent confusion in your professional arena gives way to an enlightened view of a current association that's been skewed as a result of your biased opinions. You feel unsafe or have some vague fears at present, so this is understandable, but this is probably because you are in a new environment with people you don’t understand. Continue to listen rather than speak. You may be the bearer of bad news for someone. As usual, their first response is to shoot the messenger. Wear you're bullet-proof vest today. Your former personal self is changing and you may be experiencing some rather unusual feelings. You could have some problem letting go of who you think you are, but a great breakthrough is likely if you can indeed relax and let go of the past.


24 October - 22 November

If you’ve had a previous failure in your business or career path, you need to be extra cautious with the people you dealing. You are a big thinker, but you haven’t analyzed what’s necessary before making your first move, or another move if you’re already on the path to some goal. Delay your actions for a little while. You want to move ahead unobstructed, but someone may be getting in the way. Don't keep it to yourself; share your grievances. Be ready to move quickly on a legal matter that comes to light. Dynamic discussions will motivate a legal agent or solicitor to complete your request.


23 November - 22 December

With the Moon moving to your zone of relationships and public relations, your popularity should start to increase now. You prefer having fun to working, so enjoy the beautiful rays of the love planet. You may meet someone with a rather warped intellect, but this will be a refreshing change from the humdrum individuals you've been dealing with. Being disciplined is important as you may feel wasteful right now. There may be some additional expenses you need to factor into your budget. Your thinking is slow, muddled and imprecise. You may lose things and be forgetful. Try to jot down reminders for yourself. Someone could challenge you to step up a notch today at this is all good . You will embrace this new attitude as a means of furthering your success. Heated discussions need not tear friendships apart. Try to finish any important meeting on a cordial and admirable note.


23 December - 20 January

Don't be surprised to receive a call that puts you on the spot today. It's always okay to say 'no', and you don't need to explain why. Someone could be coercive or emotionally manipulative and this will put you off. You can a tribute these influences to Pluto in hard aspect to Moon in your seventh house of relationships. On the other hand, something you’re looking for may be right under your nose. Exhaust all avenues before spending money. You are inclined to play it safe and conserve rather than spend or invest in speculative ventures; this is a good route for you to take today. You may need to come to the rescue today as a minor emergency creates panic in the ranks. Be consistent and do your best to help others and keep your intentions honorable.


21 January - 19 February

Don't cut corners in your thinking. You'll find that this will occur if you take the fast road. Slow, methodical approaches are advisable today. If you ask for what you want it’s quite likely you’ll receive it, but first you have to define what it is and with whom you want it. Promotions require courage. If you find yourself in a situation where you are counselling someone with a problem, they may end up exposing their opposite views to you. What to do? Relax and let them find the solution themselves. You and your partner have different agendas pulling you in different directions, and this could confuse you today.


20 February - 20 March

Bad reactions, mentally and physically, relate to some allergic reaction to foods or medication. Investigate this. Family life is satisfying and you want to share this with others. You’ll also feel nostalgic and look to the past to enjoy what once was. You must follow your gut feeling on a situation, but don't wait too long or the opportunity may pass you by. You will hear news today, but you will know in your heart that it is simply propaganda. Everyone else may believe it, so it is best that you remain quiet. You’ll probably realise by now that it’s not what you earn but what you save that makes the difference. Yes, you can earn more now, but try to be less extravagant.


21 March - 20 April

As the Moon transits your fourth house you may have to offer an apology for the sake of harmony. The only thing getting in the way is your ego and this is also due to the Moon but more importantly the aspect of Pluto today. You need to toe the line if you are in another person’s environment. If someone has power, you need to observe how they function and use what you learn in your own immediate circumstances. Take your time and think clearly before acting. You may be confronted by a harsh or even cruel character, and it may be someone you know. Try to avoid them.


21 April - 21 May

A hard aspect from Pluto and a favourable one from Neptune might mean you realise that some agreement has an ambiguous side to it. It’s a good time to clarify so you don’t get caught out later. Checking your local newspaper for interesting courses and other activities could be on your agenda just now. You need something to break your routine. Today is a day of action and you may find yourself moving around and making changes. Don’t do this simply for the sake of change; have an outcome in mind. You want to establish a deeper connection with someone but they may be distant and unapproachable. Let them come to you rather than ingratiating yourself.


22 May - 21 June


22 June - 23 July

Don’t allow your emotions and memories of the past to discolor the current situation. Ruthless Pluto makes you hard on yourself today. Comparing the past to what’s happening now will set you up for disappointment. You need to cover for someone else, but you’ll feel uncomfortable in the process. Don’t do this too often or it will wear your friendship thin. You have an opportunity to enter into an exciting new area of professional activity, but you also need psychological balance to deal with different types of people now. Be honest and pursue your relationships with fairness and integrity. A new code of conduct in friendships is likely at this time.

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You may think a problem within your family circle is resolved, but this is only temporary and tensions may not subside for a while. Family...

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