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IKEA makes solar switch

The big switch-on, which took place last week, marks the fist step towards all five IKEA stores across the east coast, installing solar panels.



Noosa: Tourist hub drenched in drunks and bad drivers

NOOSA’s Magistrates Court is drenched with drunks and their driving behaviour has outraged a local magistrate.


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Harpmark - Beerwah

Bit slow of the magistrate isn't it? Those people are just following the examples set by our so called leaders and public figures. If he wants people to behave and do the right thing then maybe he should remind our police and politicians they have to...


Jacqui Lambie has the best odds of being abducted by aliens first.

Jacqui Lambie leads odds of being abducted by aliens first

WITH speculation that Tony Abbott could well be declaring 'Stop the O’s' if an influx of ET’s migrate here, bets are on as to who would be abducted first.


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KimPeart - Mountain Creek

I suspect that Senator Lambie will be safe from alien abduction. We have figured out how to send a nano-machine run spacecraft to the stars using a solar sail and a laser beam ~ so why don't we see an ET base in the Solar System, or 30,000 of...

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