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A FEW years ago I remember watching a daytime TV show and the lady being interviewed was telling this tragic true story of what happened to her family.

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Cr Katie Milne.

Cr Milne and Ell to foot own legal bills

THE NSW Supreme Court has ruled Cr Katie Milne and billionaire developer Bob Ell must each pay their own costs.

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she should have been made to pay his costs as well I hope he pursues her for the lot she should paid the council what she owed but again she breaks the rules<< She is not fit to be a councillor one these actions she has taken and she is not a ratepayer<...

Markd from Banora Point
Traffic was stopped on the Warrego Highway, Gatton at around 6pm Monday night to wait for a wall of water to pass over the highway.

Traffic jam on the highway spells the end of Easter weekend

HOLIDAY-MAKERS head home after spending the four-day weekend on the Sunshine Coast.

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I just drove back from movie world on the gold coast and the traffic from the gold coast flowed freely. Rather than more lanes on the highway, I think they need to look at the bottlenecks of where the traffic is being brought to a standstill and causing...

smeee from Marcoola


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