October 2015

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A YOUNG model with Down sydnrome has been nominated for Australian of the Year.

Australian of the Year nomination for Madeline Stuart

"Australian of the Year is a farce. It should recognise a person whose actions contribute to improving ..."

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IPSWICH punters have lost more than $95.4 million in poker machines in the first eight months of this year.

Ipswich punters lose $95m to pokies in just eight months

"You are right, but families and society pay the price. "

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ONE of Marburg’s pioneering families has criticised the Australian Evangelical Lutheran Church for denying a funeral in the church generations have attended.

Church refuses funeral for local pioneering family

"Good ol' Christian charity at it's best. "

September 2015

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DEVELOPERS have gained approval to demolish the One Mile Hotel without any involvement from council.

Approval to demolish One Mile Hotel shocks council

"The certifier has only complied with the process required by Council. If the demolition has met all the..."

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ABORIGINAL groups will stage a protest in central Ipswich tomorrow against development of the former Deebing Creek Mission site.

Rally to protest housing development on Deebing Ck mission

"I don't recall an uproar when Suncorp stadium was redeveloped or prior to the construction of Legacy..."

August 2015

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WHEN you live in a quiet street it always sparks your attention when you suddenly start seeing cars driving past your home doing 20kph.

OPINION: Kerbside collection day delivers nosey visitors

"Isn't it better to reuse somebody's unwanted items, rather than dump it in landfill? "

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A TRAINEE, who was earning $11 an hour, stole more than $14,000 from his employer so he could pay his bills.

Trainee steals more than $14,000 from his employer

"You're right. Much better to convict him and ruin his entire life. That way, when he's unemployable..."

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A GROUP of Booval residents is vowing to up the ante by engaging a barrister for their fight against a planned townhouse development.

Kruger St Army vows to fight on against development

"It may be compliant, but would anyone really want a 4.5 metre retaining wall on their boundary? "

July 2015

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IN A single year, a total of 2387 hours of graffiti removal work was ordered to be carried out by graffiti vandals across the state.

Readers like graffiti removal work for Duck

"That costs the taxpayer and may not be appropriate. Nothing wrong with making them clean it up, but..."

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