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Commented on a story 5:48pm Nov 25th

"Upgrade? Who said anything about an upgrade? How about basic maintenance?"

Commented on a story 11:27am Nov 22nd

"Actually, they sold off the best-performing assets, which previously subsidised the loss-making..."

Commented on a story 8:40pm Nov 21st

"Imagine what would happen if voters turned their backs on the major parties and voted for independents?..."

Commented on a story 1:11pm Nov 3rd

"One letter? Why couldn't the police or the storage company just phone?"

Commented on a story 7:36pm Oct 30th

"The quote below was attributed to Campbell Newman in the Courier Mail on June 3rd, 2013. Reading it, it..."

Commented on a story 1:48pm Oct 13th

"Considering that the Bureau makes the same prediction every year, it's not really news. Perhaps they..."

Commented on a story 3:02pm Oct 7th

"I didn't say that Ipswich is perfect. Sure, it has it's issues, but there is plenty to like as well."

Commented on a story 7:57am Oct 7th

"Actually, Boss, I think that there are many positive things happening in Ipswich. We can't allow..."

Commented on a story 6:19pm Oct 6th

"Good. Would you mind just slipping out onto Bell Street occasionally and tasering a few of the grubs..."

Commented on a story 1:02pm Oct 4th

"No idea? A couple of vets I have spoken to must have no idea either, as they have similar opinions..."

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